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Awesome Class - Oct 12th 2018

Ramona from Conley, GA - States: I truly enjoyed the class. The instruction was easy to comprehend. Instructor Maria makes becoming a Freight Broker or Agent so exciting. There was never a dull moment because she is also a true entertainer. Take her Freight Broker Class and change your life :)

Vilas from Los Angeles, CA - States: The class was very informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very clear.

Jasime from Union City, GA - States: I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and Maria made the class fun. I am new to the trucking industry and I appreciate that Maria gave us homework, yes homework! The class had to do worksheets and the next day Maria checked the worksheets. Maria is very knowledgeable.

Tyshanna from Union City, GA - States: Ms. Maria's class gave me the knowledge and understanding about starting my own Freight Brokerage. I feel confident now that I will be very, very successful. Awesome Teacher.

Instructor Maria States: Great group of people! So in this class we had the West Coast and East Coast represented. It was awesome meeting all of you!

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