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Danny & Lakesha & Kristen H. from AL. & Shedrick T. from GA.

Danny States: Excellent training. Learned so much about business, life, and how to become a broker or agent. Extremely beneficial for fixing things with my current business.

Lakesha States: WOW! THis training was AWESOME. You most definitely get you monies worth. Instructor MAria is very knowledgeable and has a lot of great information. I will be referring everyone to her.

Kristen States: This training was really good. Full of information and knowledge that I can truely say I enjoyed myself. I just hope that I can catch on and excel in this business. (Note: She came to class 2.5 hours late – we were already into the paperwork and proceedures – but she came with family, so they’ll also helpo catch her up).

Shedrick States: THis course was very enlightening. I wish I had more time in the coming days to pick my instructor’s brain. My instructor was very knowledgeable about this industry. I enjoyed the class and hopefully I will enjoy my new found career.

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