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Eric E. & Meghan S. – Holland, MI – Online Training

Eric States: First of all, I’m very grateful for this information. So thank you very much. This is a career I’m really interested in and I’m excited about it. The manual itself is very clear about every step needed to do this job right. I received a lot more information than I would have with google. So thanks again. My baby girl and twins on the way should reap the rewards of this industry. Thank you.

Meghan States: I really enjoyed this course. It came to be very clear to me and made me feel like I will really enjoy this kind of work. It was fun reading all of the information and putting it together to get the feel of what an average work day would be like. Thank you very much for helping me understand this course better.

Instructor Maria States: Your both very welcome. Best of luck to your new adventure!

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