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  1. Freight Broker Basics

    1. Overview of the Job

      1. What is a Freight Broker?

      2. Requirements to become a Freight Broker

      3. What is a Freight Broker Agent?

      4. Requirements of becoming a Freight Broker Agent

      5. Why do Shippers use Freight Brokers and Agents?

    2. Industry Overview

      1. Overview of the Transportation Industry

      2. Industry Potential and Trends

    3. Requirements

      1. Legalities of Broker Services

      2. Duties

      3. Double Brokering Legalities

      4. To be a Freight Broker - or -  to be an Broker Agent

  2. Marketing and Sales

    1. More on Marketing

      1. Market Niches

      2. Competition

      3. Networking

      4. Promotions

      5. How to buy company vehicle for you business at a discount and as a tax write off.

    2. Customer Relations and Customer Profile

      1. Qualifying the Prospect

      2. Determining Needs

      3. Features and Benefits

      4. Managing Objections

      5. Personality Types

      6. Building Trust

      7. Sales Process and Growth

    3. Overcoming Challenges

      1. Shipper Situations

      2. Carrier Situations

      3. Consignee Situations

    4. Success and the Broker/Agent

      1. Why Become a Broker or Agent?

      2. Benefits and Opportunities

      3. Traits of a Successful Broker/Agent

      4. Goal Setting

      5. Qualities of Success

  3. Getting Started

    1. Starting Your Business

      1. Picking your Business Name

      2. Setting up your Business and Domain Name.

      3. Who to talk to in order to set up your Broker or Carrier Operating Authority  (Cost $875)

      4. Where to file for your Surety Bond (Cost $3,500 a year)

      5. Where to obtain your Process Agents (Cost $75)

      6. Developing Business Credit and how.

    2. The Next Steps

      1. Ensure Cash Flow Resources - Factoring Companies

      2. Business Bank Account

      3. Setting Up Your Office

        1. IT Specs

        2. Office Basics

        3. Transportation Software and Other Software Considerations

    3. Preparing Your Initial Marketing Materials

      1. Determining your Business Identity

      2. Decide on Initial Niche Target Markets

      3. Formulate Initial Web Site

  4. Shipper/Carrier Marketing and Dynamics

    1. Setting Up Your Shipper Package

    2. Setting Up Your Carrier Package

    3. Setting Up Your Broker Package

    4. Setting Your Rates

      1. Determining Rates

      2. Rate Variables

      3. Types of Rate Matrices

      4. Fuel and Surcharges

      5. Accessorial Fees

      6. Finding Shippers & Negotiations of Fees

  5. Load Dynamics and Operations

    1. Building the Load

      1. Load Data & Entry

      2. Special Instructions

      3. Rate Verification With Customer

    2. Matching the Carrier

      1. Load Posting - Correctly

      2. When to Post and What to Post

      3. Checking Authority and Safety

      4. Insurance Verification

      5. Carrier Profile

    3. The Process Continued

      1. Rate Confirmation

      2. Carrier Pick-up and Delivery

      3. Dispatching

      4. Tracking and Verification

      5. Shipper Call Ins

      6. Dealing with Errors of Load

    4. Carrier Relations

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