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Q:   Where are you Located?   

A:   Located inside the "Maynard / Bayne Building".  A beautiful historic home that has been turned into several business offices in downtown.

Address:  31  S.  Center Street   Suite D-2   Winder, GA 30680.  Just an hour from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.



















Q:  Where is the closest "Hotel" to the school?

A:  There are two hotels within 10 minutes.   

1)  Website -  Newest near food, movie theater, stores is:  Holiday Inn Express - 775 Exchange Blvd. Circle  Bethlehem, GA 30620














2)  Website - Closest to the school in downtown Winder, GA  -  Quality Inn - 177 W. Athens St.  Winder, GA 30680













3)  Website - 20 Minutes away off Interstate 85 in Braselton, GA  -  Braselton Country Inn & Suites - 925 Hwy. 124  Braselton, GA




Q:  How many years of business experience does your instructor have?

A:  Over 40 years of business knowledge.


Q:  How many years has LLC / Freight Broker Agent School been educating individuals to become "Freight Brokers"  or "Agents" for brokerage firms?

A:  Over 30 years of sharing and educating individuals into this industry.  It started in 1989.  With over 40 years of business experience to share!


Q:  How do I reach you?

A:  Call either  888-222-0829   -or-   678-343-0088   -or-   Email Us at:


Q:  How many days is the "In Office Weekday Freight Broker Class" and what are the hours? 

A:  Our classes during the week are 2-Days and are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Learn to be a FREIGHT BROKER and what it takes to be one.  With follow-up testing and  assignments to make sure you understood what was taught to you in class.  This is so the instructor can get back on the phone with you and go over any mistakes you may have made.  Our 1-Day Class is from 8:00 am to 6 pm on a Saturday or Sunday.  


Q:  How much does the classes cost and are there any discounts?

A:  1-Individual weekday class to attend is $950.  (Add $695 per people that attends with you one the same days). 

We give a discount to each extra individual you bring with you.  Add $695 per person.

Example:  You $950 + 1 Person $695 = $1645 Total   /  You $950 + 2 Person $1290 = $2340 Total

A.  1-individual weekend 1-day class to attend is $850 per person - No Discounts. 

Both classes includes your own "Training Manual".

Oh... and let us not forget your personalized "Certificate of Completion".


There is a REQUIRED DEPOSIT of $350 to reserve your seat, and the balance is due in CASH ONLY on the first day of class.  This is due to individual's credit  and/or debit card or PayPal not working that day, plus it takes up to much class time trying to sort it out.  You can pay the Deposit or Full Payment on this website.  You can use a Credit or Debit Card or PayPal.


Q:  How many individuals are allowed in the class? 

A:  Usually we have 1 to 8 in the classroom.  We keep the classes small.   

We recommend this class.  Why?  Because sometimes they may ask questions you may not even think of asking.

Q:  "Weekend 1-Day Class"  -  What hours and how much does it cost? 

A:   Weekend Class:  $850 Per Individual.  The class is from 8:00 am to 6 pm and let us not forget your personalized "Certificate of Completion".


Q:  Do you offer other ways to learn, since I can't come to Georgia?  If so... What are the fees?

A:   Yes.   We either can come to you -or- we offer an online course.  Call us to get a price and figure out details.


Q:  Can I work from home?

A:   Yes.   As a "Freight Broker" you can work from an office or home.  As an "Agent" majority work from home, but some brokers offer the

      opportunity to home at their office.  But, working from gives you the opportunity as a business to write off expenses at tax time!


Q:  What information does the instructor go over in class?  Click Here

A:  Here are just a few things

Q:  What's the difference between a "Freight Broker" and an "Agent"?

A:  BROKER:  is a company that assumes all general legal requirements to operate as a freight broker. 

They must have a "Broker Authority / MC#", which is registered with the government, a $75,000 "Bond or Trust" (don't worry we can get a Bond usually  cost between $500 - $5,000 a year), a "Process Agent", and the UCR Registration and any state or local licensing and insurance.  Broker verifies the Shippers credit and the Carrier Company licensing and insurance.  They also to all the accounts payable's, receivables, and collection.  Brokers keep 100% of earned income of the load that was moved between the Shipper and the Carrier.


EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  This profit is all yours.

AGENT:  is hired as an independent contractor who works under the Broker's Authority and receives a percentage of earned income of the load that was moved between the Shipper and the Carrier, but does not have to carry any license, bond or a process agent, nor do you have anything to do with accounting.


EXAMPLE:  Shipper pays $5000 for a load.  You find a Carrier to haul the load for $4500.  There is a $500 profit.  You split this with your Boker.  Load pays:  $500 and the Broker is splitting it 50/50% - you get paid $250.


Q:  Can you help us set up our Brokerage Firm?

A:   Yes.   Here are just a few services:


1)  Georgia Limited Liability Corporation Filing - $595

Includes:  Name Reservation, Filing Article of Organization, Operating Agreement (value $150), EIN# and DUNS#


2)  Freight Broker Authority Filing Service - $895 

Includes:  Broker Authority Filing, Process Agent / BOC3 Filing,  U.C.R. Registration.


3)  Also can set-up the Freight Broker Bond.  Simple form to fill out.

Q:  How do I sign up for the course?
A:   1)  Go to our calendar and "Reserve Your Dates".  (This is only for "In-Office Classes - Call Us for Online Classes)

2)  Once you have reserved on the calendar your dates,  now "Make Your Payment".


Q:  Do I have to pay all at one time for the course?

A:  No.    You can make just the DEPOSIT of $350 to hold your dates, but you will not receive your "Training Manual" until paid in full.  Unless the Online Class then you  have to pay all up front.


Q:  Are there any Refunds or Chargeback allowed once we have paid either the deposit and/or the full amount?

A:  No.   There is No Refund(s) or Charge-Back(s) using a credit or debit card or PayPal in any shape or form. 

      But. we will allow you to move the dates that you reserved - one time only.  All Sales Are Final once payment is made.
Quality In 177 W. Athens St. WInder GA
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