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Questions:  888-222-0829 - or - 678-343-0088

Question:  Where is the "IN OFFICE TRAINING COURSE" located? 

Answer:  Located inside the Maynard/Bayne Building  

               31  South Center Street  -  Suite D2

               Winder, Georgia 30620

               Located in a historical home that has been turned into many beautiful offices in downtown Winder, GA


Question:  Closest Hotel to Office:   

NEWEST & NICEST HOTEL - Holiday Inn Express - 775 Exchange Blvd. Circle, Bethlehem, GA 30620 -  Phone: 470-209-7837

   Only 10 Minutes Away Form Office                                                                         




















Quality Inn - Winder, GA 30620 - 177 W. Athens St, Winder, GA 30680    Phone:  (770) 868-5303

Other Hotel Choices: About 20 minutes away is Braselton Country Inn & Suites  - 925 Hwy. 124 Braselton, GA.   Phone:  (770) 868-5419



Question:  When did our company start educating individuals in this industry?  

Answer:   Educating since 2000 and Incorporated in 2003 with Georgia Secretary of State - LLC


Question:  How many years of experience in this business are you sharing with your students?  

Answer:   In the "Transportation Industry" since 1989.      


Question:  How do I reach you?  


Answer:  Phone:  1-888-222-0829    - or -    678-343-0088    - or -    Email:

Question:  Can I work from home? 

Answer:  Yes.  As a Broker definitely.  As a Freight Broker you own your own business.  As an Agent:  Even though there are some brokers that want agents to work in their office majority of agents work from their home.  All you need are the following items to get started:  computer, internet, phone, fax, file folder, load board, file cabinet.  If you're an Agent... the Broker will supply usually everything you need to work for them.


Question:  How many days does it take to compete the "IN OFFICE TRAINING COURSE"

Answer:   This course takes 2 days with an instructor with follow-up on phone.  You will learn how to broker a load from start to finish in this course.

You will have a nine assignments to complete at home after the course and email them back to your instructor.  These assignments are basically to make sure you understood everything the instructor went over in the course.  This is to help you!  Then your instructor will review your assignments, and will set a date and time to review the results and answer any questions that you may have.  

Also, once you have gone home you will also have 5 online test to complete.  This is to insure that you understood all the information shared during the course.  The test goes over everything from dealing with the shippers, carriers, brokers, etc.   (You will have 3 opportunities to pass each test at 80%)

Question:  Do I (we) receive any training materials?

Answer:  YES.  If you pay at least 2 weeks before class we can ship out your "MANUAL(s)" in advance at a charge of $20 - or - instead you will receive your Manual(s) on the first day of class.  (Note: We can ship overnight for a charge of $50)  


Question:  Do I have to pay all at one time for the course?

Answer:   No.   But in order to hold your seat you "MUST" make at least a "DEPOSIT of  $350 to hold your Dates".  Note: If you do just the deposit (instead of paying the full amount at time of booking), the balance be paid before attending class.  We can either email you an invoice - or - you can pay "CASH ONLY" for the balance, on the first day of class (NO CREDIT or DEBIT or PAYPAL on the first day).  This way we are not wasting valuable training time.  You can also use CASH APP on your phone to pay too - (LINK).

Q:  Are there any refunds or charge back allowed once we have paid either the deposit or full amount?

A:  No.   There are No Refund(s) of Charge Back(s) using a credit or debit card or PayPal in any shape of form. 

     But we will allow you to move the dates that you reserved - one time only. ​


(Depend how many book the class).    FEE:  $950.00

Question:  What information does the instructor go over in the "Freight Broker" class?       

Answer:     Click Here to view a list of details of the course.

This course is 2 days with follow-up on the phone with instructor.  Held 2-days on different days each week.  You will learn how to broker a load from start tot finish.  What licensing is needed to be a Freight Broker.  How to locate shippers and carriers. This course does not take as long as some of the others broker schools.  Because we offer this course either as a one-on-one course with an instructor or very small classroom environment.  Many schools bring in 15-30 individuals at one time in the classroom with you.  "WE DO NOT".   

Note:  If choose the class with other individuals - you may request other individuals to attend the course with you at a discount.  Each additional individual you invite with you to the class receives a discount of $645 per person, which includes their own training manual.  


(Depend how many book the class).    FEE:  $950.00

Question:  What information does the instructor go over in "Agent" class?  

Answer:     Learn how to be an Agent for a brokerage firm.  What they expect from you as an Agent,  Learn how to broker the load from start to finish.

This course is 1 days with follow-up on the phone with instructor.  Offered once a week usually.

Note:  If choose the class with other individuals - you may request other individuals to attend the course with you at a discount.  Each additional individual you invite with you to the class receives a discount of $595 per person, which includes their own training manual.  


Question:  How long does the "INTERNET TRAINING COURSE" take and how much does it cost?  

Answer: This course is with your own private instructor which is with you throughout the course.  The instructor will be on the phone/internet conferencing with you throughout the course.  You will receive the same information as if you can to our office.  The course takes about 2-4 weeks depending on a few things such as:  Do you have any previous experience or knowledge of this industry.  How fast do you usually learn.  Setting up the scheduled training hours.  How fast you get you assignment back to our office.  How fast you complete the online testing.  By doing the assignments and online testing this ensures that you understood everything taught to you.

COURSE FEE:  $950.00


Note:  You may request others to attend the course with you.  Which you will receive a discount per person attending with you and this is by your request only.  Each additional person fee:  $500 - which they receive their own training manual.


Question:  How do I get started?  

Answer:  First:  If you're choosing the "IN OFFICE"  go to our online CALENDAR and pick the dates that you wish to reserve. 

Second: Then call us at: 1-888-222-0829  - or - 678-343-0088.  Note:  If we do not answer... we are either in a class or on the other line with a student.  Please leave a message and please repeat your phone number and the time zone you are located in. 

You can also email us at:   

Third: Then either make at least a deposit to hold your dates - or - Pay for the full course .

2.  If you choose the "INTERNET COURSE" you make the FULL PAYMENT.  Training Manual will be shipped a.s.a.p.  Once you receive the Manual please take the time to review and then call to set you training dates and times.  Call: 1-888-222-0829 - or - 678-343-0088 to set appointments.  Must be able to be on phone and the internet for conferencing when instructor request you to do so.

Question:  Do you offer any weekend classes?


Answer:  Once a month we usually have a weekend class.  Where you can learn the Freight Brokerage Business, and get your Broker or Carrier Authority.  Weekend Workshop for (2) Day - 1 to 4 Individuals Minimum = $3980.00 ($995 Per Person) - add $800 per extra person after 4 individuals - Click Here.   

For each extra person you bring with - call us to make arrangements of payment. 

Question: Do you offer START-UP BUSINESS help?

Answer:  YES.  Maria Suzettis has over 40 years in business and have been educating others for about 18 of those years in business.  She will help you incorporate your business, build business credit, build a website and so much more for only $4995.  Spend a week with Maria Suzettis with her years of experience in business.  To receive assistance for a week and take the freight broker agent class: $5445.

Question:  What is the difference between a "BROKER" and an "AGENT"?  

Answer:   BROKER: is a company that assumes all general legal requirements to operate as a freight broker.  They must take of the bond ($75,000), authority, process agent and any other license or insurances.  The broker usually always take care of all the accounts payable's, receivables and collections.   

AGENT:  is hired as an independent contractor who works under the broker's authority and receives a percentage of the freight that he/she who then sets up to be load to be picked up and delivered.


Question:  If I wish to be an AGENT instead of a BROKER  -  how do I find a broker to work for?  

Answer:    Once your training course is completed with at least a 80%, we will supply you with a list of about 100 brokerage companies who are looking for individuals such as yourself to join their companies. 


Question:  If I wish to be a BROKER instead of a AGENT  -  how do I find a broker to work for?  

Answer:   We have been training for over so many years, we have Freight Brokers requesting Agents.  We have a list of around 70+ to share with you!

Question:  What else is need if I wish to become a Freight Broker and NOT an Agent?


Answer:   First:  You will need a $75,000 BOND or TRUST.  You either your have to put $75,000 into a bank trust or your have to go through a bonding company (which we have a bonding company we can refer to you.  The Bond usually cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 on an average a year.  

Second:  You will have to INCORPORATE your business in the state your are doing business in.  We offer our services to FILE your Limited Liability Corporation, Operating Agreement, EIN#, DUN# and Domain Name Registration for the charge of $595 (in most states).


Third:  You will also need: Freight Broker Authority /DOT#/MC# - BOC3 / Process Agent - URS#  Registration with D.O.T.   We offer our services to file your documents with the government for the charge of $895 - This includes an Expedited copy of Broker Authority once registered.  

Question:  How do the loads get moved?  

Answer:  Our instructor will go over how to broker a load from start to finish.  How to use the load boards to your advantage.  How to negotiate pricing between shippers and carriers.  Supplying you with information that makes this job even easier and more efficient.  Explaining how to get the shippers and how to find the carriers to haul the freight.


Question: How do I find Shippers?  

Answer:  Our instructor will show you that there are many avenues in finding the Shippers and the Carriers in your course.  There are even a few brokers that share loads with their agents.  But, your main responsibility to call Shippers and to request loads that may have available to move for them.  You have a great opportunity to make a great living if you are a go getter... and you can work right from your home.  This business is not an over-the-night-get-rich-scheme.  You have to work at it.... and if you do... you won't regret it!


Question:  If I am an Agent - how do Brokers pay me?  

Answer:  Well depending on which broker you sign up with.  The brokers usually pay their agents between 50-60% on an average for new agents.   Brokers pay weekly, bi-weekly and a few pay monthly.  Example: If shipper pays $5,000 for the load to be moved and you find a carrier to haul it for $4,500.  That is a $500 profit.  If it is a 50 / 50 split... you would earn $250 of the $500.  If it was a 60 / 40 split... you would earn $600.  There other ways brokers pay and we go over that in class.


Question:   Does either training course have to be paid upfront and if so how much? 

Answer:  For the "IN OFFICE" training course - there is a $350 deposit to hold your dates.  That you have requested by calling us.  You can pay either by Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, CASH App on your phone (download in Google playstore) or Cash  -  No personal or business checks.


NOTE:  You will receive your "Training Manual" on the first day of class.

Answer: The "INTERNET TRAINING COURSE must be paid in full before "TRAINING MANUAL" is shipped and your training will be scheduled to start.  No shipping charges for 1-3 propriety shipping.  If you want it overnight to you, there is an extra fee.  Soon as we ship the MANUAL, we will email you the tracking number so you can track yourself until it arrives.  1 Individual Fee: $950  /  2 Individuals Fee:  $1450 (only $500 more - must be able to train at the same time)


Question:  Once the payment is made are there are NO REFUNDS or CHARGE BACKS using either a credit or debit card or PayPal in any shape or form.

Answer:  Customer understands and agrees there are "No Refunds or Charge Back using a credit or debit card, or PayPal in any shape or form".  That the "Training Manual" received in class by LLC is COPYRIGHTED through the U.S. Copyright Office - CASE #1-2069193691.  Disclaimer. 


Question:  Are you a member of BBB?  

Why we have chosen not registered with their services:  They are a privately owned and are NOT GOVERNMENT REGULATED.  The have many complains against them on file.  Here is a link to review and you will understand why we do not pay for their services: and there's more. 



CONTACT US:   888-222-0829  -  or  -  678-343-0088

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