We will be offering again the "In-Office Course" once the virus issue is resolved.

Learn to become a "Freight Broker".  Own your own brokerage company, or choose to become an "Agent" and work for a freight brokerage company from home.  Once you have completed the course you will understand the difference between being a Broker or an Agent.   Then you will know which one you wish to pursue. 


Example:  Click here to learn the difference between a "Freight Broker" and an Agent"

This course comes with your own "Training Manual" with examples of the documents that are needed to broker a load from start to finish.  The training is step up with step-by-step examples and procedures. 


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One Individual Course Fee:  $995.00  

Add:  $645.00 - Per Extra Person - That Attends With You.


We allow up to eight individuals per class - or - it may be just you, all depends on who reserves their class on what dates.  Note the plus to sharing a class with others is that sometimes, one of the other students may ask questions that you might not even think to ask.   We also offer private classes  -  call us for more details at (678) 343-0088 - or- (888)  222-0829.


You will learn where to locate shippers, that have freight to move.  How to locate the carrier companies to haul the loads.  Learn how to negotiate the price of the load between the Shippers and Carriers and make a profit.  Learn how you use load boards properly, along with the ins and outs of how this industry works in the course.  


We also offer incorporating your business, the filing of the Freight Broker Authority, the BOC3 filing, UCR Filing for only $895  

Freight Broker Earning Potiential Example:  

If a shipper gives you a load for $5,000 and you locate and negotiate with a carrier to haul it for $4,500 - this is the $500 profit.  Which if you are the Freight Broker,  this all goes into your pocket!  

Freight Agent Earning Potential Example: 
If a shipper gives you a load for $5,000 and you locate and negotiate with a carrier to haul it for $4,500 - this is the $500 profit.  But, as and Agent you have to split it with the Freight Broker.   As an Agent you receive 30 to 70% of that $500.

We tell everyone we train, "What you put into this, is what you will get out of it."  How much you earn depends on you.  How many loads do you have to move, and what was your profit margin between the Shipper and the Carrier.  And most of all how much gumption, and initiative that you put forth.   What you learn with us will add to your credentials, and credibility to your future endeavors in this industry.

Once you have completed this course you will  receive a personalized "Certificate of Completion".  This certificate shows that you understand the ins and outs of how this business works.   

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