Warren C. – Marietta, GA & Erin B. – Decatur, GA

Warren States: The class was a great experience. Excited to start my business and be a success story. Erin States: The class was great. My favorite part was when, Maria was so real about everything. Instructor Maria States: It was a pleasure meeting both of you. I do try to “Keep It Real”…lol. Enjoy the class!

William B. – Cekedra P. – John S. – Natara R. all from different locations in Georgia

John States: Class was very informative. I learned a lot and I’m excited about my future. Cekedra States: Great teacher. Great information. Love the class. Will definitely refer. John States: Class was very informative, hands-on and very well organized. Mrs. Maria took her time in presenting and explaining the information in its entirety. I’ve learned a lot during the last two days of the class, and plan on putting the knowledge learned to use! Natara States: Great training, very informative. Maria was great. Instructor Maria States: I was my pleasure training all of you! I had a blast! Look forward to helping you grow your brokerage business each of you and remember, when ready I’

Rolanda V. – Union City, GA

Rolanda States: The course was very informative! I really learned more than I expected to learn. All the topics were discussed in detail, questions were answered and examples were the GREATEST! Maria made the class fun and the time worthwhile. In the future, look to expanding the time and grouping the classes from one to two. Overall, I am more excited to get in the broker business. Instructor Maria States: Girl… you got it going on. You’re going to go places with your energy and personality.

Margo -Jeevanshay -Teresa -Traci – GA

Traci States: This class was worth the investment. I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and I feel that Maria’s “insight” are more valuable than my degree. Maria was a great instructor. She kept us laughing and truly shared information that we can use immediately. I would highly recommend this course! Teresa States: The class was very interesting. I learned a lot. Lots of resourceful information. Really appreciate showing and teaching me how to ave money. Margo States: The class was very informative. Maria is very knowledgeable and great instructor. Jeevanshay States: Maria is knowledgeable of the industry and willing to share the ins and outs
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