Latricia A. – Grovetown, GA

Latricia States: The class was filled with a wealth of knowledge. My mind was opened up to a wealth of information and instructor Maria was a great instructor. I really enjoyed Maria’s spirit and I would recommend her to anyone. Instructor Maria States: Well thank you! I love sharing information with all my students!

Shenika L. & Lakheer L. – Savannah, GA

Lakheer States: By far the best training EVER. Our instructor provided great industry knowledge and taught the skills I needed for a successful business. Shenika States: This class was very informative. I found instructor Maria to be very funny, personable, knowledgeable, and eccentric. The time flew by but all bases were covered. I felt like no question was a stupid question ad I am confident that this business is something that I can do easily. I walked into this class not knowing anything about this business, but am walking out with tons of business ideas and a new perspective. I would advise anyone to invest in their future by taking this class. Instructor Maria States: Well t

Tracy J. – Conley, GA & Kandy H. – Jonesboro, GA

Tracy States: The class was great. Although I’ve been in the industry for years, I learned valuable information that helped to fill in the “gaps”. Kandy States: I enjoyed this class. Very informative. I will recommend this class to everyone I know in this industry. Some of the side conversations could be reduced a bit, but very very informative. I love Maria. Instructor Maria States: I so tickled to train you both and yes we do get of subject some, that’s to give you time for your brain to relax before I throw more information at you! You learned better this way. Been teaching 18 years and I have found what works!

Sheldon L. – Ellenwood, GA

Sheldon States: The course material was relevant, detailed and comprehensive. Maria is knowledgeable, experienced, engaging, and encouraging. The course context (documents and online links) are valuable and provide the tools needed for success. Maria is an amazing human being. A wealth of information, and full of information and encouragement. Thanks Maria. God Bless You. Instructor Maria: Well thank you so much for the referral. It’s very much appreciated. I have a real good feeling that you’ll be great at this! God Bless!

Jennifer W. & Robert T. – McDonough, GA

Jennifer States: Maria (Instructor) is very thorough and transparent about the ins and outs of this industry. I learned how to book loads/broker loads from start to finish. I also learned how to leverage other income streams. Robert Stated: Very informative. Lots of Great Information. I’ve really enjoyed my 2 days of training. Maria is very knowledgeable in the freight broker industry,. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to get started. Instructor Maria States: I know you’ll be great at this. Enjoyed training you both!

Janelle, Derrick, Jessica – Buford, GA

Janelle States: This class was well worth the price for the chance to meet and gain knowledge from Maria. She is very knowledgeable about freight brokering. I am thankful for all the resources that she provided. This class makes me eager to start a new career as a broker. Derrick States: Maria is an outstanding instructor, teacher and coach who has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the freight broker/agent industry. I have learned a lot information for placing into my toolbox for my freight broker business. Thanks Maria. Jessica States: I learned a lot during this course, we got off topic a lot, but i obtained tons of information during the course. I am confident in my bro
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