Jerry, Erica & Jerry Jr. Wendell, NC. & Micheal W. – Richmond, VR.

Jerry States: I believe coming to this class gave me the motivation and knowledge that being an agent or broker will be super easy and getting a business started, really isn’t that hard to start. Erica States: Learned so much. Maria is the BEST with lots of knowledge. I really enjoyed the class and would take it again if I had to. Jerry Jr. States: I lot of goof information. I know you got us off to a great start. I feel like we will profit from this class!

Louie H. – San Gabriel, CA – Phone Training

Louie States: I just want to start out by saying, THANK YOU. You made my training experience fun and friendly. Your knowledge in the industry is superior and the fact that you share it demonstrates your passion to see others grow. Again, thank you for living up to your motto and “lighting my candle”. Instructor Maria States: It was my pleasure sir. I know you will do very well in this busy! I love to teach and love to share. Anyone who’s taken this course knows this of me.

Paramdeep K. – Columbia, SC

Paramdeep States: (Writing it above) I was so afraid before I came to this course, that what is going to happen. But after coming here I just love it. The training I got from here, I shouldn’t have get that from anywhere else. The way Ms. Maria explained to me everything so that I understood everything. Clearly. The atmosphere is very loving and caring. I would suggest everyone to come here and start your future here. Thank you very much Ms. Maria. Instructor Maria States: Thank you so much. Very sweet of you. Really enjoyed teaching you.

Chaunte A. – MS. & Lakesia M. – AL

Chaunte States: The class was extremely personal and productive. I appreciate the examples and the entreprenurial opportunties as well. Maria you are the best! I pray-I will pass the karma. I look forward to following up with you. Lakesia States: I found the training very informative and the instructor was a pleasure to work with. I learned so much that I can take with me on a day to day basis. Instructor Maria States: You two are more than welcome. I was glad to see two share a class, not knowing each other. This gave you opportunities to bounce information off each other and was fun!

Robert W. – Chicago, IL & Dennis J. Derrick J. – Morrow,GA &

Robert States: I felt it was well worth every penny spent, very informative and fun. Never boring. Looking forward to applying the things learned to create wealth. Dennis States: This was a very informative course. Not only the course information, but also the websites. The environment was very relaxed, allowing at one’s own pace. You have done an outstanding job, exceeding my expectations. Derrick States: I have a good understanding of how to be a broker and network with shippers. Will recommend to other people this course. Instructor Maria States: AWESOME JOB GUYS!!! Had a blast and loved bouncing thoughts back and forth. Love it! Made friends for life.

Candice A. – Memphis, TN

Candice States: Class was great – very informative, very personable. I cant wait to use the information to start on my journey to success :) Smiley. Instructor: I know you’ll be GREAT!
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