Susan B. -Sanela B. – St. Louis, MO

Susan States: The training course went really well. I am very eager going into learning more once I get home. It’s great to be taught one on one, instead of in a class full of people. I was able to retain more than I thought. It was a lot of fun. Thank You! Sanela States: Maria was great at making you comfortable. You forget that you are there to learn, but you do learn plenty while smiling often. Instructor Maria States: I was fun teaching you both. It always a pleasure to teach happy people who are like sponges, soaking up all I have to share. Thank you also for traveling to train with me!

Travis J. – Hayneville, AL

Travis States: This course has been eye opening, entertaining, and informative. Instructor Maria is one of the best instructors I have ever taken instruction from. She is very knowledgeable and not to mention hilarious. I am happy and pleased to have met her and learned what I have from her. Thanks again for your knowledge and help. Instructor Maria: No problem! Had a blast teaching you and I know you’ll be great at this. Very uplifting individual too! Enjoy the knowledge and run with that ball!

Anabel P. – Miami, FL & Araldo P. -Lafayette, LA

Anabel States: What do I think about Maria and this course? Easy, I spent months looking for some course hat let me feel comfy and learn at the same time and as soon as I saw this and spoke with Maria over the phone, I just got the money and paid for it and it was worth every single dollar. I feel I can start my own business and do it right. Thank you very much Maria. Looking forward to doing a great job and I can tell everyone you were my professor. Araldo States: Great course, friendly teacher. Wish I had meet her long time ago to learn this kind of business. Instructor Maria States: It was my pleasure teaching you two. You two are a hoot to train. Loved every moment of it! Stay

Ricky C. – East Point, GA & Katrina C. & Sherman R. – Hampton, GA

Ricky States: I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative. I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready to hit the ground running and do well with this business. Had lots of fun and smiles. Katrina States: Very informative, loads of information and made learning fun! So love Maria. Sherman States: Very Informative! Instructor Maria States: Had fun too. Loved the energy among all of us! Be blessed and have a great time.
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