Do It yourself...

Usually students ask and give us permission us to do all this for them.
But if wish to set up your own Limited Liability Corporations and your own Broker Authority... here's information to help!
Limited Liability Corporation
1).  Go to your Secretary of State Corporation and look for LLC Form and apply.
2). Make sure to reserve your Domain Name at the same time -
3).  Go to Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online | Internal Revenue Service (
4) Call your bank and ask if you need an Operating Agreement to open your business checking account.

With your permission and consent - Depending on what state your in we offer filing services - call us!
Georgia  LLC is always $595.00 - Including we will set up your EIN and Operating Agreement.

Freight Broker Authority
1). Do Your Own Authority through the F.M.C.S.A. - It cost $300.00 to file.
(Note:  It can be confusing to file your own Freight Broker Authority. And if you mess it up, they will charge you the $300 again.)
Once you have file for your Authority you will need the following:  
2). File your U.C.R.   
3). A Process Agent to get you BOC3 and to set up your Pin#

With your written permission and consent - We can file everything for you - Fee: $895.00